The Importance of Cleaning Health Gummy Production Line Equipment Online


Soft gummy candy production line equipment is mainly used for gummy candies such as pectin, gelatin base,etc..

Therefore, the safety and hygiene of machinery operation are also very important.

The European Union and the FDA strictly control the safety of health candy, so the cleaning of ordinary food machinery is difficult to meet the standard, and the need for pharmaceutical-grade equipment to meet online cleaning and disinfection has become the focus of research for gummy manufacturers.

Soft gummy candy production line

Many manufacturers have realized the explosive trend of fudge and plan to increase production lines this year,

Health food refers to foods that claim to have specific health functions or to supplement vitamins and minerals. Some health product manufacturers are also planning to increase the production line of gummies. A mixed bag of entrants has also caused some chaos in the industry, such as conceptual additions.

Judging from the consumption data in 2020, "jelly" is the dosage form with the fastest consumption growth among young groups. The same is true for the global market.

On the one hand, it is because of convenience. Kang Le said that the global growth of gummy dosage forms is mainly driven by China and Europe and the United States. Consumers in Europe and the United States and China prefer gummies because of their busy lives and the pursuit of convenience and speed. On the other hand, it is delicious. Because of this, many functional food brands attach great importance to making their products "delicious". It is not difficult to produce delicious gummies, but it is very difficult to make useful gummies delicious. The core problem is how to remove them. Odor, flavor.

Soft gummy candy production line

The importance of the equipment of the fudge production line

It is very important to clean and sterilize food residues and microorganisms present in food production equipment and pipelines during the food production process.

Soft gummy candy production line

Health care gummies safety

Effective cleaning of food machinery can remove microorganisms and bacteria produced in production as much as possible, and eliminate the breeding sites of microorganisms, thereby eliminating the source of pollution in the food processing stage, reducing food pollution, and ensuring food hygiene and safety.

Gummy taste

In the process of gummy candy production, the same equipment needs to produce different flavor candies, which leads to the mixing of tastes and raw materials between different foods, which seriously affects the taste of food. Comprehensive cleaning of food production machinery can ensure that The pure taste of the food.

Gummy Candy Equipment Operation

Prevent the mechanical corrosion of food caused by the interaction of food residues and metal parts, reduce the reduction of mechanical thermal conductivity and other properties caused by contamination coverage, so as to ensure the efficient operation of food production equipment and the superior food quality.

Soft gummy candy production line

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