What is popping boba?


POPPINGBOBA, also known as"popping pearls" are little, pearly, spheres filled with fruit juice at about 3-30 mm in diameter.Each poppingboba bursts wtih flavorful fruit juices whenpeople bite into it. With popping boba exterior made out of Seaweed Extract & filled with fruit juice,Tea Zone Gourmet Series PoppingBoba are the new craze!

Popping boba can be used to make tea, juice, ice cream, cake decoration, egg tart, frozen yogurt and so on. Popping boba is a newly developed health product,popping boba can be used in many food items.Popping boba is a unique practical type of pearl,popping boba is full of real juice flavor, burst in your mouth.Popping bobas are believed to be the latest ingredient craze in all types of drinks and yogurt.

popping boba

About SINOFUDE Standard Model Popping Boba Production Line

CBZ series automaticpopping boba production line was developed bySINOFUDEexclusively in China in March 2010.SINOFUDE is still the only manufacturer in China so far. The unique structural design makes thepopping boba produced bypopping boba production line.Popping boba not only have uniform appearance、full shape、bright color and round appearance, but also have almost no deviation in weight. Popping boba are deeply loved and recognized by customersaround the world!The picture shows thestandard modelpopping boba machine,Thecapacity is between 30-600kg, but other  capacity of machine can be customized.

popping boba

popping boba

About SINOFUDE Details of Popping Boba Production Line

The picture shows thestandard modelpopping boba machine, CBZ production line using PLC and servo control system, automatic processing design. Thepopping boba production line adopts PLC/ servo process control and built-in touch screen (HMI),which is easy to operate. In addition,Due to the insulation design ofdepositing hopper and nozzle, the popping boba production line can simultaneously produce popping boba and agar boba.

The main parts of thepopping boba production line are made of stainless steel SUS304, alsocan be customized SUS316.Popping boba production line is specially designed with continuous operation and material recovery device.So this device can avoid the waste of raw materials.By adjusting thedepositing machine  to adapt to different sizes ofpopping bobas.

popping boba

popping boba

About the raw materials for thepopping boba

Three liquids :

i. Juice liquid (the liquid mainly includes water, glucose syrup, calcium lactate, calcium chloride, etc.), wrapped in the bead inside the liquid.

ii. Sodium alginate liquid, which consists of sodium alginate and water. Used to wrap juice liquids.

iii.Protective liquid, the liquid is mainly used to preserve the finished bursting bead. (The main ingredients are water, fructose, etc.)

popping boba

popping boba

popping boba

popping boba

popping boba

popping boba

popping boba

popping boba

How does Popping boba machine Work?

In short, the popping boba process involves:

i. Sodium alginate is mixed with waterby a colloid mill.

ii. Cooking the core and leather materials at the same time.

iii. The core and leather materials are transferred to the cooling tank through the conveying pump.

iv. The cooled core and leather materials are transported to the depositing machine by the conveying pump.

v. Afterdepositing , forming.

vi. Filtration.

vii. Cleaning.

What are the machine of the Popping boba Production Line?

Anpopping boba machine has different parts that all work together to accomplish thepopping boba process.

1. Colloid mill

 popping boba

Since sodium alginate is slightly soluble in water, it is insoluble in most solvents. It dissolves in alkaline solutions, making them sticky. The sodium alginate powder becomes wet when it encounters water, and the hydration of the particles makes its surface sticky. The particles then quickly bond together to form clumps, which slowly hydrate and dissolve. Therefore, the equipment is needed to assist the sodium alginate to dissolve in water and improve the dissolution rate.

2. Cooking system

i.Storage and continuous operation.
ii. Independent PLC control system.
iii.Automatic weighing system available(if you need ).
iv. Double heat preservation system.
v. High shearing inside.
vi. Longer using life.

popping boba

2-1. Vertical sandwich pot (with stirring)


The equipment is mainly used for boiling jam liquid and coagulating liquid raw materials, using scraping type stirring. Available steam heating, electric heating.

2-2. Cooling tank


The equipment is mainly used to reduce the temperature of raw materials after boiling, and temporary storage function.

2-3 conveying pump


Mainly used for conveying liquid raw materials. The pump body is made of 304 stainless steel.


3. Molding system:

i.CNC processing, more accurate touch screen more easy operation.

ii. Reasonable wastewater discharge system.

iii.All electric components have mark to track.

iv. Quick release buckle.

popping boba

popping boba

The moldingsystem includes depositing system, material plate conveying system, sodium alginate circulation system, popping boba filtration system and cleaning system, PLC touch screen,etc.

3-2. The molding system contains equipment:

1) Control box

2) depositing head

3) Sodium alginate circulatory system

4) Cleaning system

5) Transmission system

6) Filtration system

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