How to make Real EYEBALL JELLY ! Eyeball Jelly making Machine


Gummy eyeball candy is a soft, fruit-flavored candy that is mostly made from gelatin. They are soft, and chewy and come in different styles as well. Kids love it.Delicious gummy eyeball candies of many flavors and colors. ... For instance, gummy eyeball cupcake toppers are edible baking accessories that are placed on cake or biscuit topping.

Gummy eyeball candy

Gummy candy is made by combining gelatin, sweeteners, and other ingredients and then molding it into different shapes and sizes. The gelatin is derived from animal tissues and forms a thick, gel-like solution when mixed with water. This mixture is then flavored and sweetened before being molded into candies.

Introduction step

1-prepare the raw material based the formula,then put in to jacket cooker to dissolving and mixing.add flavor and color to be ready syrup.

2-After syrup is ready,then put into the jacket hopper to be pouring,then the syrup will be drop into each molds cavity.

3-after that,the candies will be to solidify

Gummy eyeball candy

3D wrapped jelly candy in workshop

Gummy eyeball candy

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