How Gummy Machines Work


The gummy-making process begins with the creation of a mixture called a slurry that typically contains sugar, glucose syrup, pectin, and flavorings such as fruit juice or extract. The ingredients are heated together in a large industrial mixer until they form a homogenous liquid.
This liquid is then poured into molds of various shapes and sizes, which are then sent through a cooling tunnel until the candy solidifies. After the gummies have been removed from the molds, they may be further coated with sugar or sprayed with an oil mixture to get the desired coating.
The mass production of gummies requires large amounts of precise machinery, from mixers and molds to refrigerators and heaters. Automated systems can quickly measure, process, and package gummies in large batches with minimal human labor.

The use of these machines means that manufacturers can produce the same delicious treats for their customers at an affordable price. And as you already know, gummies are big business!

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