How to choose Marshmallow Manufacturing Machine?


There are two types of marshmallow production machines, including

Marshmallow extrusion machine

Marshmallow extrude can make marshmallows of different shapes, colors and tastes. The common ones are white marshmallows, pigtail marshmallows, and other cotton candy production equipment in various shapes.
Extruded marshmallow machine produce marshmallows in twisted or non-twisted filled or unfilled.
It is supplied to multiple pouring heads through a continuous marshmallow aerator, and the marshmallow is extruded through the nozzle.

Deposited Marshmallow Production Machine

Marshmallow is poured through private server motors, common semi-circular marshmallow, ice cream marshmallow, and cone marshmallow are all made through the marshmallow depositing production line.

How Does Marshmallow Making Machine Work?
The marshmallow production line is equipped with a marshmallow pulp kitchen system, a marshmallow aerator, a starch spreading and recycling machine, a marshmallow servo cutting head, and a marshmallow drying and forming line.

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