The biscuit production line of SINOFUDE Machinery Company


SINOFUDE Machinery Company is a leading company focused on the manufacture of food processing equipment. In the field of biscuit production lines, SINOFUDE has won praise from customers worldwide for its innovative technology and excellent quality.

SINOFUDE has excellent technical innovation and R&D capabilities in the design and manufacture of biscuit production lines. The company has a dedicated team of engineers, designers and technical experts dedicated to continuously driving the development and progress of the industry. Through continuous research and development, the SINOFUDE cookie line constantly introduces advanced technologies and processes to meet customers' demands for efficient, reliable and innovative products. Let’s me introduce you more details of biscuits production line!

Chapter 1: The features of this line

First of all, Biscuit can be grouped into soft biscuit , according to the formula, process, and different forming method, Soft biscuit production line is generally composed of a feeding machine(if producing the soda biscuit or chocolate coated biscuit, another lamination process is needed), a set of dough roller, through the dough rolling and dough sheeting, then through the roller cutting machine, rest material recycling device, inlet oven machine, the entire biscuit forming line. In order to increase the biscuit types and characteristics, customers can allocate the sugar & salt sprinkling machine, egg spraying machine, calico printing machine, etc. The oven is to make the formed biscuit into delicious food. You can choose different types of bakery oven (electric/gas/diesel/thermal oil)for baking different types of products. For soft biscuit biscuit production line, only the forming machine and inlet oven machine can be the whole forming process.

Chapter 2: Mixing and mixing process

On the biscuit production line, raw materials are fed into an automated mixing and mixing process. Precise proportions and meticulous mixing techniques ensure that each piece of dough has an even texture and taste. Whether it's a classic chocolate chip cookie or a rich coconut cookie, our line can handle every recipe and taste requirement. Our horizontal noodle kneading machine is a fully automatic noodle processing equipment. The main function of the horizontal noodle kneading machine is to mix flour and water evenly, instead of manual noodle kneading, reduce labor intensity, and meet people's food hygiene requirements. The horizontal dough kneading machine adopts manual tipping bucket, open gear transmission, high efficiency, strong adaptability, compact structure, good sealing, uniform kneading, convenient inversion, simple operation, low power consumption, low noise, etc. The machine is widely used in western food restaurants, cake shops, casual fast food restaurants, bakeries, restaurants and other food units.

Chapter 3: rotary moulding system

Next, the dough is fed into the biscuit forming machine. These high-speed, sophisticated machines are able to shape the dough into a variety of biscuits in predetermined shapes and sizes. Whether it's heart-shaped, round or square, each biscuit maintains its perfect appearance and size. At the same time, we can also customize personalized shapes and patterns according to customer needs, making cookies more unique. Our rotary moulder is used for the roll printing of crisp biscuits. It receives the mixed dough that has been mixed by the flour mixer and forms various shapes of biscuits through the roll printing. The machine is simple in structure, the separation cutter is equipped with adjustable device, which can adjust to the best position. The roller printing roller is specially designed to overcome the uneven wear phenomenon of the separation cutter. Both sides of the demoulding pressure roller can be adjusted, easy to change the mold and high yield. Vertical roller printing machine can be assembled on the roller cutting machine without affecting the normal production of the roller cutting machine.

Chapter 4: baking process

Oven function: When the biscuit is baked, the food passes through the conveyor chain plate, steel belt or mesh belt and generates relative motion between the electric heating element or the direct-fired combustion rod. Thereby completing the work of uniform baking and conveying. This type of oven can be produced continuously, has high production efficiency, saves manpower, and has stable baking quality.

Composition: the structural design of the oven consists of: the main body of the oven, the gas and air supply system, the combustion fire pipe, and the exhaust system; Oven control system and so on.

Chapter 5: Cooling and packaging

When the biscuits are removed from the oven, they will go into the cooling area. Here, the biscuits are quickly cooled to ensure their firmness and shelf life. At the same time, our biscuits production line is also equipped with advanced packaging equipment, which can package the biscuits in an efficient and hygienic way to ensure the freshness and hygiene of the biscuits. This conveyor is used for cooling down the biscuits after baking to enable the products complete cool down for arranging and packaging. The design of this cooling conveyor may be varied subject to the different requirements and site environment.

Chapter 6: after-sales service and technical support

SINOFUDE is committed to providing customers with comprehensive after-sales service and technical support. We have a professional after-sales team that can respond to customers' needs and questions in a timely manner. Whether it is equipment installation, commissioning or repair and maintenance, we can provide professional guidance and support for customers. We also provide regular training and technical updates to help our customers realize the full potential and benefits of their production lines.

Chapter 7: Conclusion

As a leading manufacturer of biscuit production lines, SINOFUDE Machinery Company has won the trust and praise of customers worldwide for its technological innovation, high degree of automation and excellent quality. We are always committed to providing our customers with efficient, reliable and innovative biscuits production line solutions. Through our technological advantages, production capacity and after-sales service, we will continue to lead the development of the biscuits production line industry and bring more opportunities and success to our customers.

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