The boba production line of SINOFUDE Machinery Company


The boba production line of SINOFUDE Machine Manufacturing Company is a highly automated production line, which uses advanced technology and equipment to achieve efficient production and precise processing of boba products. Its key technologies include intelligent control system, positioning technology and quality inspection technology. The Boba production line is used in a wide range of fields, covering the beverage industry, food packaging industry, catering service industry and export markets. SINOFUDE Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides customers with high-quality silicone products through the silicone production line, promotes the development of the manufacturing industry, and has achieved good reputation and performance in the market competition.

In modern industrial production, machine building companies play a vital role. As one of the leading machine manufacturing enterprises in China, SINOFUDE Machine Manufacturing Company has been committed to promoting the development of manufacturing industry and constantly introducing advanced technology and equipment. Among them, the boba production line of SINOFUDE Machine Manufacturing Company is one of the most eye-catching projects of the company. This article will introduce the boba production line of SINOFUDE Machine Manufacturing Company, and elaborate on its working principle, key technologies and application fields.

1.The working principle of Boba production line

Raw material pretreatment and boiling part

Sodium alginate powder becomes wet with water, and the hydration of the particles makes the surface sticky. The particles then quickly stick together to form agglomerates, which are very slowly fully hydrated and dissolved. Therefore, the equipment is needed to assist the dissolution of sodium alginate in water and increase the dissolution rate.

Advantage of SINOFUDE cookers:

1.Teflon scraping and stirring to ensure food safety

2.3 layers of insulation, better insulation effect, and protect personnel safety

3.Can be connected to CIP cleaning system, machine cleaning is more convenient

2.Depositing and forming part

The equipment was exclusively developed and produced by Shanghai Fude Machinery and was put into production in March 2010. Adopt PLC control system, fully automatic design. The entire production line is made of stainless steel, which conforms to food hygiene standards. Combined with the production process, the popping boba produced by this production line is bright in color, round in shape, beautiful in appearance and delicious in taste. According to the production process, the boba production line contains three kinds of liquids, which are the jam material liquid (that is, the liquid inside the popping boba), the coagulation liquid (that is, the surface layer of the popping boba, the main component is sodium alginate), and the preservation liquid ( Mainly used to protect the popping boba).

2. The key technology of Boba production line

The boba production line of SINOFUDE Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. adopts a number of key technologies, making the production line highly automated and productive. The following are some of the important key technologies:

1. Intelligent control system: The overall control of the production line adopts an intelligent control system, which can realize the monitoring and scheduling of the automated production process. Through real-time data collection and analysis, the system can detect and correct potential problems in time, improving production efficiency and product quality.

2. Quality inspection technology: The quality inspection link in the production line adopts advanced sensors and inspection equipment. These devices can inspect the size, appearance, strength and other aspects of Boba products to ensure that the quality of the products meets the standard requirements.

3. Application field of Boba production line

The boba production line of SINOFUDE Machine Manufacturing Company is widely used in many fields to provide customers with high-quality boba products. The following are several main application areas:

1. Beverage industry: Boba is a common beverage ingredient, widely used in milk tea, fruit juice and other beverages. The boba production line of SINOFUDE Machine Manufacturing Company can meet the large-scale production needs of the beverage industry for boba products, ensuring product quality and supply stability.

2. Food packaging industry: Boba is also often used in food packaging, such as jelly and pudding. The packaging line of SINOFUDE Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can produce packaging products with regular shape and reliable quality, which can meet the strict requirements of the food packaging industry.

3. Catering service industry: Boba has become one of the most popular ingredients in the catering service industry, such as boba milk tea and boba ice cream. The boba production line of SINOFUDE Machine Manufacturing Company can produce boba products of different sizes, colors and tastes according to the needs of customers to meet the diverse needs of catering services.

4. Export market: Chinese Boba products also have a certain demand in the international market. The boba production line of SINOFUDE Machine Manufacturing Company has efficient and stable production capacity, which can meet the large-volume supply demand for boba products in the export market.

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