Introduction to SINOFUDE Popping boba Production Line


Popping boba is a small, juicy ball that emits a fragrance when bitten in. The SINOFUDE fully automatic Popping boba production line aims to efficiently and accurately produce Popping bobas, which typically includes the following steps:

Raw material preparation: The production line starts with preparing the necessary raw materials for Popping bobas. The production of Popping bobas requires two types of core materials and skin materials to react and form. The core materials include ingredients such as fruit juice, sweeteners, calcium lactate or calcium chloride, and seasoning. The leather material is made from sodium alginate raw material by soaking, grinding, and Cooking.

Cooking: Put the prepared core and skin materials into the Cooking pot for heating and Cooking, and then transport them to the storage tank through a syrup transfer pump for subsequent production.

The Shanghai Fuda Popping boba Cooking System is a specialized equipment used for Cooking and processing raw materials for Popping bobas, candies, and other products. It has the following advantages:

1. Efficient Cooking: The Popping boba Cooking system adopts advanced Cooking techniques and processes, which can efficiently cook raw materials and form a syrup suitable for making Popping bobas. By controlling appropriate cooking time, temperature, and stirring parameters, it can be ensured that the texture and taste of the syrup meet the product requirements.

2. Automation operation: This equipment is equipped with an advanced automation control system, which can achieve the automation operation of the entire cooking process. Operators only need to simply set cooking parameters and monitor the operating status of the equipment, and the cooking system will automatically complete the work, reducing the need for manual operations and improving production efficiency.

3. Accurate temperature control: The explosion bead Cooking system has precise temperature control function, which can accurately adjust and control the temperature during the Cooking process. This can ensure that the syrup is cooked within the appropriate temperature range, avoiding the impact of overheating or overcooling on the quality of the syrup.

4. Multifunctionality: This device can adapt to the needs of different flavors, colors, and formulas for Popping boba Cooking. It can be adjusted and customized according to the characteristics and requirements of different products to meet the diverse needs of the market.

5. Resource saving: The Cooking system manufactured by SINOFUDE can effectively utilize resources such as water, energy, and raw materials, reducing resource waste. It adopts advanced energy-saving technology and cooking process to minimize energy consumption, improve production efficiency and economic benefits.

6. Improve product quality: By accurately controlling the cooking process and temperature, this equipment can ensure that the texture, taste, and color of the syrup meet consistent and high-quality standards. The boiled syrup has good viscosity and stability, providing an excellent raw material foundation for the production of Popping bobas.

Pouring and molding: The boiled core material is transported to the pouring hopper, and the boiled leather material is transported to the reaction tank below the pouring hopper. Then, the machine is started for pouring, and the core material is poured into the reaction tank for reaction molding with the start of the machine, forming delicious Popping bobas.

Shanghai Fuda fully automatic Popping boba pouring machine is an advanced equipment that has the following advantages:

1. Automation operation: The fully automatic Popping boba pouring machine adopts advanced automation control system, which can achieve automation operation of the entire production process. The entire process from raw material batching, mixing, pouring to finished product packaging can be completed under equipment control, reducing the need for manual operations and improving production efficiency.

2. High precision pouring: This equipment has an accurate pouring control system that can accurately control the size and weight of each Popping boba. Through advanced pouring technology, the quality of each Popping boba can be ensured to be consistent, improving the consistency and aesthetics of the product.

3. Multifunctionality: The fully automatic Popping boba pouring machine can adapt to the production of Popping bobas of different flavors, colors, and shapes. It has flexible production capabilities that can be adjusted and customized according to market demand, producing diverse products.

4. Efficient and energy-saving: The equipment adopts advanced energy-saving technology, reducing energy consumption. It can efficiently complete production tasks, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.

5. Easy to operate: The fully automatic Popping boba pouring machine has a user-friendly interface and operating system. Operators can easily control the operation and parameter adjustment of the equipment through simple operations and settings, reducing the complexity and technical requirements of the operation.

6. High quality products: Due to its high-precision pouring control and stable production process, this equipment can produce high-quality Popping boba products. The product has a uniform taste, beautiful appearance, and consistent taste, meeting consumers' requirements for Popping bobas.

Cooling and cleaning: After the Popping boba is formed, it will pass through several layers of chutes and cool to room temperature. Cooling helps to stabilize the texture of the Popping boba, and then the cooled Popping boba needs to be cleaned by a cleaning machine to remove excess skin reaction liquid on the surface of the Popping boba to prevent excessive reaction and deterioration of the taste.

Packaging and sterilization: After cooling and cleaning, the exploded beads can be sterilized and packaged. Generally, there are two methods of sterilization: pre sterilization and post sterilization. Pre sterilization refers to placing the prepared Popping bobas and protective liquid together in a Cooking pot for high-temperature disinfection, while post sterilization refers to high-temperature disinfection of the Popping bobas packaged with mixed protective liquid together with the packaging. Generally, we provide two types of sterilization equipment, one is a sterilization kettle and the other is a pasteurization line.

Pasteurization lines and sterilizers are both sterilization equipment used in the food processing industry, and there are some differences in their sterilization process, working principle, and scope of application. The following are their main differences and respective advantages:

Pasteurization line:

Pasteurization line is a commonly used heat treatment equipment used to kill microorganisms in food and extend the shelf life of products. The main features and advantages include:

Working principle: The pasteurization line uses heat treatment to heat food to a high temperature and then quickly cool it. This process can effectively kill most bacteria, yeast, and mold, reducing the microbial load in food.

Extended shelf life: Through pasteurization, the shelf life of food can be significantly extended, thereby reducing the risk of food spoilage and microbial contamination.

Nutrition retention: Pasteurization lines can maximize the preservation of food's nutritional composition and taste during the sterilization process, with relatively little negative impact on food quality.

Sterilization kettle:

A sterilization kettle is a commonly used high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization equipment used to kill microorganisms in food. The main features and advantages include:

Working principle: The sterilization kettle uses a high-temperature and high-pressure treatment method to heat food to a higher temperature, while applying high pressure to kill microorganisms. High temperature and pressure can effectively destroy the cellular structure of bacteria, yeast, and molds.

Efficiency: The sterilization kettle can quickly achieve high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization conditions, ensuring that microorganisms in food are effectively killed. It helps to improve production efficiency and reduce sterilization time.

Quality assurance: The sterilization kettle can provide uniform and stable high-temperature and high-pressure treatment, ensuring consistent sterilization effect of food and reducing the risk of food pollution and bacterial residue.

Flexibility: The sterilization axe has a smaller volume and higher mobility, and can be adjusted and installed according to the production line layout and product requirements. It is suitable for mass production and small batch production.

Regarding packaging, we offer fully automatic bag and barrel packaging machines.

Advantages of fully automatic bag packaging machine:

1. Efficiency: The fully automatic bag packaging machine can achieve high-speed packaging, greatly improving production efficiency. They can automatically complete the steps of bag positioning, filling, sealing, and cutting, reducing the need for manual operations and reducing production time and labor costs.

2. Flexibility: The fully automatic bag packaging machine is suitable for various products of different shapes and sizes. They can adjust the packaging size and form as needed to adapt to different packaging requirements.

3. Accuracy: Due to the advanced automation control system, the fully automatic bag packaging machine can accurately control parameters during the packaging process, such as the filling amount, sealing strength, and cutting position of the bag. This ensures that each packaging has consistent quality and appearance.

4. Packaging quality: The fully automatic bag packaging machine can provide high-quality sealing effect to prevent products from moisture, oxidation, or pollution. They can also provide gas emission function, making the packaging suitable for products that require preservation or preservation.

Advantages of fully automatic barrel packaging machine:

1. High capacity: Bucket packaging machines are suitable for products that require high capacity packaging. They can handle a large number of products and quickly pack them into barrels, improving packaging efficiency.

2. Durability: Bucket packaging machines are usually made of sturdy and durable materials that can withstand high-strength working loads. They are designed for long-term operation and high-frequency use, with a long service life.

3. Automation: The fully automatic barrel packaging machine is equipped with an advanced automation control system, which can automatically complete operations such as barrel positioning, filling, capping, and sealing. This reduces the need for manual operations and improves production efficiency and consistency.

4. Multifunctionality: The barrel packaging machine can adapt to various types of products, such as powders, particles, liquids, etc. They can be customized according to needs and provide barrels of different sizes and shapes to meet different packaging requirements.

Our Popping boba production line is carefully designed and manufactured to improve production efficiency and quality. Each machine undergoes precise process control to ensure the consistency and quality of Popping bobas. In addition, we can also customize according to the special needs of customers to meet the production requirements of different Popping boba products.

If you have any further questions or customization needs regarding our Popping boba production line, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to working with you to provide you with high-quality soft candy production solutions.

Thank you!

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