Europe's leading confectioners, one hundred tuo syrup pulled into the machine, a squeeze becomes crystal candy


China is the world's first artificial sugar, this kind of food after spread to the west, once popular in court society, even in modern times, people have no shortage of sugar, and plagued by obesity problem also in the west, but candy is still occupying the important status in the world of snacks, especially children, to all sorts of modelling of candy no resistance, but do you know the supermarket sell crystal candy is how to make?
In Europe, there are still many candy factory, has one hundred years of history, they still use the traditional way of artificial production of candy, they first heat in a large saucepan, put a few jins of sugar, then they will pour sugar water on the table for simple toning, then hang up constantly pulling sugar, let its soft! Finally will _that_ rare sugar into the machine, after rolling machine, instantly turned into a row of crystal candy, thoroughly dry wait for candy, tapping into pieces after bagging sold!
Don't look at such a small factory, they will be able to produce a year jins, 100 tons of candy, but they don't want to use modern machinery to expand production, may be sugar this process is the most enjoy!

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